Create Aliases to Rename Members in the View

You can create aliases (alternate names) for members in a dimension so that their labels appear differently in the view.

Aliases can be created for the members of discrete dimensions only. They can’t be created for continuous dimensions, dates, or measures.

Create an alias

  1. In the Data pane, right-click a dimension and select Aliases.

    Tip: If the Aliases option doesn’t appear in the dialog, verify that you aren’t connected to a published data source and the field you’re trying to alias is a discrete dimension.

  2. In the Edit Aliases dialog box, under Value (Alias), select a member and enter a new name.

    Tip: To reset the member names back to their original names, click Clear Aliases.

  3. To save your changes:

    • In Tableau Desktop, click OK.
    • On Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud, click the X icon in the top-right corner of the dialog box.

When you add the field to the view, the alias names appear as labels in the view. For example,

When the Alias option isn’t available

Measures can't be re-aliased

Tableau doesn’t permit re-aliasing measures because it involves modifying data values themselves. If you have a field in your data that contains values such as 0 and 1 but actually encodes information such as no and yes, Tableau interprets this as a continuous measure. You can convert it to a discrete dimension and then re-alias the values. For more information about discrete vs continuous and dimensions vs measures, see:

Published data sources

Alternatively, the Alias option can be missing for a discrete dimension because you’re connected to a published data source. When using a published data source, you can’t create or edit aliases. You can only change aliases on fields that you create in your workbook. You can edit aliases for the Measure Names field on the published datasource unless they have been set before publishing. If you didn’t publish the data source, you can duplicate the field (right click > Duplicate) and edit aliases for the duplicate field without restriction.

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