Comment on Views

Comments let you share a conversation about data discoveries with other Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud users.

Tip: To keep comments when you republish a workbook, be sure to use the same workbook and view names.

Add comments

  1. In the toolbar above a view, click the comments button.

  2. In the Comments pane at right, enter your remarks.

  3. If you'd like to notify others about the comment, include an @mention. The @mention search shows a maximum of ten users, in alphabetical order. If you have trouble locating someone, try searching for a username instead of a display name, such as, jjohnson instead of Jane Johnson.

  4. If you've filtered the view, click the snapshot icon to share an interactive image that highlights the data you're describing.

    Note: The snapshot icon doesn't appear if a view is user-filtered, protecting secure data.

  5. Click Post.

  6. To filter a view and see a data snapshot in detail, hover over the thumbnail image, and click View.

    The person you’ve mentioned will receive a notification about your comment. Notifications can come by email, in Tableau’s in-app notifications centre or in the Tableau for Slack app if the site is connected to a Slack workspace. For more information, see Manage Your Account Settings and Receive Notifications, Search and Share Using the Tableau App for Slack.

Delete comments

If a comment is unnecessary or inaccurate, you can quickly delete it. Just click the X in the upper-right corner.

You can delete a comment if you created it, are the content owner, are a project leader with an appropriate site role, or are an administrator. To learn which site roles are required for full project leader access, see Project-level administration(Link opens in a new window) in the Tableau Cloud Help.

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