Day in the Life Scenarios

What does it mean to shape data? How does that impact what visualizations can be built and what analysis can be performed? In the tutorials below, we explore scenarios for analysis and visualization, identify the data limitations holding us back, then see how Tableau Prep can help us shape the data to reach our intended outcome.

Download the data sets and follow along with these day in the life scenarios using Tableau Prep and Tableau Desktop. Learn how to apply the features and functions in Tableau Prep to get your data ready for analysis in Tableau Desktop.

Give us your feedback. We are just starting to build this section of the online help. If there are specific scenarios you'd love to see here, please let us know. Use the feedback bar at the top of the page to tell us more.

To complete the tasks in these tutorials, you need Tableau Prep and Tableau Desktop installed, and you'll need to download and save the data to your computer.

For information about how to install Tableau Prep and Tableau Desktop, see Install Tableau Desktop or Tableau Prep Builder from the User Interface(Link opens in a new window) in the Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep Deployment guide. Otherwise you can download the Tableau Prep(Link opens in a new window) and Tableau Desktop(Link opens in a new window) free trials.

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