View, Manage, or Remove Users

Administrators can manage a site’s users such as adding and removing users, setting the groups they’re members of, setting their site roles, and so on.

View and manage users on a site

Sign in to a site as an administrator, and then select Users. On this page you can do any of the following to manage users:

  • Set group membership, set site role, or remove the user from the site. If you’ve configured the site for SAML single sign-on, you can set the selected users’ authentication type.

  • Select a user name to see details about them, such as content they own, views they subscribe to, and their account settings.

Search for users (or groups)

To search for a specific user (or group), use the filter toggle in the upper right to display the search box and site role filter. Then use the search box or filters to find the users (or group) you want. The search operation checks the display name and user name attributes.

The search box supports the wildcard (*) character. For example, searching for John* will return all names that start with John.

In addition, you can do the following:

  • Use the wildcard character (*) with a special character to search for names that contain special characters. For example, sync-* or *sync-*.
  • Use the wildcard character (*) with AND or OR conditions when filtering users. For example, searching for *aw* AND John* returns all users whose names contain aw and whose names start with John.
  • When searching for names with diacritics, names must be entered with exact diacritics to return relevant results. For example, to search for José, enter José. Searching for Jose will not return results.

Remove users from a site

You can remove a user only if the user does not own any content (projects, workbooks, views, data sources, collections, or data alerts for example). If you attempt to remove a user who owns content, the user site role will be set to Unlicensed, but the user will not be removed.

If the default All Users group has enabled Grant site role on sign in, that user's content must be reassigned to another user or removed before they can be unlicensed or removed. For more information on Grant role on sign in, see Removing users affected by Grant role on sign in. For more information on changing content ownership, see Manage Content Ownership

Note: On Tableau Server, when an administrator removes a user from a site (and the user belongs only to that one site), the user is also deleted from the server.

  1. Sign in to a site as an administrator, and go to the Users area. Select one or more users to remove, and then select Actions > Remove.

  2. Click Remove in the confirmation dialog.

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