Manage Content Ownership

When you publish a data source or workbook on Tableau Online or when you create a project, you become its owner. A content owner, a project leader with an appropriate site role, or an administrator can change ownership of a content asset. After ownership is reassigned, the original owner has no special connection to the content item, and their ability to access it is determined by their permissions on the project or that specific item.

Who can change or be given ownership, by content type

Whether you can change or be given ownership depends on your permissions and your relationship to the content asset, as described in the following table.

Note: Full project leader access is available only with some site roles. For information, see Project-level administration.

Content asset type Who can change ownership Who can be given ownership

Top-level projects

Server administrator1

Site administrator

Server administrator

Site administrator (Creator and Explorer)


Explorer (can publish)

Child (nested) projects

Server administrator

Site administrator

Project leader or owner

Any administrator or owner, excluding Explorer and Viewer.

Workbooks and data sources




Server administrator

Site administrator

Workbook or data source owner

Project leader or owner of the project that contains the item

Any administrator or user of the site, excluding Explorer and Viewer.





Server administrator

Site administrator

Any administrator or user of the site, excluding Explorer and Viewer.

1 The Server Administrator site role applies to Tableau Server only; not Tableau Online.

Considerations for changing content ownership

  • Before you remove a user from Tableau Online, make sure they do not own any content assets.

    If the user does own content, you must first reassign ownership of those assets before you can delete the user. Otherwise, their site role is set to Unlicensed, but they are not deleted, and only an administrator can take certain actions on that content.

  • If you change the ownership of a flow, workbook or data source that includes embedded credentials, to connect to underlying data, the embedded credentials will be deleted.

    You can update the embedded credentials by editing the connection information on Tableau Online. For more information, see Edit Connections on Tableau Online. Alternatively, the new owner can download the flow, workbook or data source, and open the item in Tableau Desktop to update the embedded credentials, and then re-publish the workbook or data source.

  • If you do not lock permissions to projects, make sure users you give content ownership to know your permissions guidelines, or you account for permissions as you change ownership. In unlocked projects, by default, content owners can set permissions on their content. For more information, see Lock content permissions.

Change the owner of a content resource

  1. Sign in to the Tableau Online web environment and select the Content tab.

  2. Navigate to the content you want to assign to someone else.

    • If you want to re-assign multiple of the same type of content, for example, multiple workbooks, open the Explore menu, and select the content type.

    • If you want to re-assign multiple items within the same project, navigate to the project.

      If you’re not sure where to find a child project, display filters, and select Show all projects.

    • If you want to re-assign multiple content items with the same owner, find the user in the Users page.

  3. Select the items you want to reassign, and then select Actions > Change Owner.

    The other menu commands you see will depend on the content type.

  4. Type the name of a user or select a user from the list.

  5. Click Change Owner.

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