Create a Group and Add Users to It

You can organize Tableau Cloud users into groups to make it easier to manage multiple users.

Create a group

  1. In a site, click Groups, and then click New Group.

  2. Type a name for the group.

    Optionally, select Grant role on sign in and select a minimum site role for the group. For more information, see Grant License on Sign In.

  3. Click Create.

Note: The All Users group exists in every site by default. Every user added to the server becomes a member of the All Users group automatically. You cannot delete this group, but you can set permissions for it.

Add users to a group (Users page)

  1. In a site, click Users.

  2. Select the users you want to add to the group, and then select ActionsGroup Membership.

  3. Select the groups and then click Save.

Add users to a group (Groups page)

  1. Click Groups, and then click the name of the group.

  2. In the group's page, click Add Users.

  3. Select the users to be added, and then click Add Users.

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