If you’ve configured Salesforce as your SAML identity provider (IdP), use the information in this topic alongside the Salesforce documentation to add Tableau Cloud to your single sign-on applications.

Open the Tableau Cloud SAML settings

To configure the Salesforce application, you will need to use information in the Tableau Cloud SAML settings.

  1. Sign in to your Tableau Cloud site as a site administrator, and select Settings > Authentication.

  2. On the Authentication tab, select Enable an additional authentication method, select SAML, and then select Edit connection.

    Screen shot of Tableau Cloud site authentication settings page

Configure SSO from Salesforce to Tableau Cloud

See the Salesforce documentation, Configure SSO from Salesforce to Tableau Cloud(Link opens in a new window).

Add users to the SAML-enabled Tableau site

  1. After you complete the Salesforce configuration steps, return to your Tableau Cloud site.

  2. Complete the SAML connection by adding the users you assigned in the Salesforce Application Profile Assignment page to Tableau Cloud. On the Authentication page, scroll down to Manage users to add or select users.

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