Import Users

To automate the process of adding users to a site, you can create a CSV file that contains user information, and then import the file. When you import the CSV file, you also specify the users’ authentication type.

Site administrators can import users to a particular site; server administrators (Tableau Server only) can import users at the server level, to later add them to multiple sites.

Note: This topic contains the steps for importing, assuming that you have already created the CSV file. If you have not created the file yet, see CSV Import File Guidelines for a list of file format requirements and import options.

Add users from a CSV file

  1. When you’re signed in to the Tableau Cloud site, select Users.

  2. Click Add Users, and then click Import From File.

    The options you have in the Import Users dialog box depend on how users sign in to the site.

  3. If Google or SAML authentication is not enabled on the site, skip to the next step.

    If Google or SAML authentication is enabled on the site, you can select the authentication type for the new users.

    • Select Add users for Google authentication if you enabled your site for Google or SAML authentication and want the imported users to sign in to Tableau Cloud through an external Identity Provider.

    • Select Add users for Tableau authentication if you want these users to have the default email address and password authentication.

  4. For File name, click Browse, navigate to the CSV file, and click Open.

  5. To see account-specific information, select View Details.

    To continue, click Import Users, and then click Exit in the final dialog box.

    If a user already exists in the Tableau Cloud site, and the import file defines a different site role for them, they will get the new site role as defined in the CSV file, even if it is more restrictive than their current site role. This includes existing site administrators.

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