Edit Connections on Tableau Cloud

Administrators and data source owners can manage a published data source's connection information. The connection information describes the data source, its owner, and how to access the data. You can embed database credentials in the connection to allow users to access the data directly or to enable scheduled refreshes for extracts. Alternatively, you can set the connection so that users are prompted to sign in. You can also change the server name for cloud-based data.

The data source owner or a site administrator can manage this information directly on the site. For example, you can update tags or change the data source owner, without having to republish the data source.

  1. On the site that has the data source you want to modify, open the Explore page, then filter to show All Data Sources.

    Explore filtered to data sources

    If there are a large number of data sources, use filters to narrow the list.

    Filter options

  2. Select the check box next to the data source you want to update, and on the Actions menu, select Edit Connection.

    Note: To edit the connection type of extract refreshes for online schedules to use Tableau Cloud instead of Bridge, see Change the connection type of a refresh to use Tableau Cloud.

  3. Update the connection information and click Save.

    For connections that support using saved credentials to refresh the data, see Refresh Data Using Saved Credentials.

    Note: The Test connection button doesn't support Bridge connections. As an alternative to testing your connection with this button, consider running a manual refresh to test the connection instead. For more information about running a manual refresh, see Start a Refresh Task Manually.

  4. Refresh the Data Connections page (press F5 or Ctrl+R) for your changes to take effect.

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