Tableau Lightning Web Component Seamless Authentication (Limited Preview)

Salesforce customers can now drag and drop embedded views from Tableau Cloud or Tableau Server into Salesforce Lightning pages without having to authenticate manually. Tableau Lightning web component (LWC) seamless authentication allows you to view Tableau content using connected app trusted tokens without signing in.

Tip: Tableau LWC Seamless Authentication is available exclusively to customers participating in a limited preview using Sandbox Release 244. You must have Salesforce admin permissions. For more information, see Create a Sandbox in Salesforce Help. To participate in the limited preview, contact your Account Manager to have the org feature permissions turned on for your sandbox.

Configure Salesforce settings

The following steps only need to be completed one time by a Salesforce admin:

  1. From your Salesforce app, select the gear in the top-right corner, and then select Setup.
  2. On the left navigation pane, enter “Tableau” in the Quick Find search bar.
  3. Select the Tableau Embedding settings page.
  4. Select the checkboxes for Turn on Tableau Viz Lightning Web Component and Turn on token-based single sign-on authentication.
  5. For Select Tableau User Identity field, set an org-level user field to authenticate the user in Tableau. The default Tableau field is Username. You can also select any listed field that matches the user identity across Salesforce and Tableau, such as Federation ID.

    Note: The Tableau User Identity field setting applies to all users and doesn’t need to be set on an individual basis.

  6. Save your changes.
  7. Experience Cloud only: Set up your Tableau site name and URL as a Content Security Policy (CSP) trusted site. For more information, see Manage CSP Trusted Sites in Salesforce Help.

Set up the Connected App on Tableau

In one tab, open the Tableau Viz Embedding (Beta) settings page in your Salesforce org. In another tab, go to your Tableau site and follow these instructions to set up the Connected App.

For Tableau Server, see Register EAS to Enable SSO for Embedded Content.

For Tableau Cloud, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Tableau Settings page, and then choose the Connected Apps tab.
  2. From the New Connect App dropdown, select OAuth 2.0 Trust.
  3. On the Create Connect App dialog, enter the Issue URL and JWKS URI, which you can find on the Salesforce org Tableau Viz Embedding (Beta) settings page. Use the Copy button on the Salesforce org settings page to copy the Issuer URL value, and then paste it into the Tableau settings page. Repeat this process for the JWKS URI value.
  4. Select the checkbox for Enable connect app.
  5. Select Create.

Try out Tableau LWC

Now that the setup is complete, you can try out Tableau LWC seamless authentication.

  1. On the left navigation pane of your Salesforce org, enter “Lightning App Builder” in the Quick Find search bar.
  2. Select New and follow the dialog prompts to create a Home or Record page.
  3. In the Components list, search for “Tableau” and drag the Tableau View component onto the page.
  4. Open a new tab and find the Tableau viz that you want to embed. Select Share, and then select Copy Link.
  5. Return to the new Home or Record page. In the right Tableau View pane, paste the Copy Link into the URL for the Tableau view field.
  6. Select the checkbox for Token Authentication.
  7. Switch back to the tab with the Tableau viz Share dialog, and then select Copy Site ID.
  8. Return to the new Home or Record page. In the right Tableau View pane, paste the Site ID into the Site ID field.
  9. Select Save. You can now preview or publish your updates.
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