Configure a Tableau Pulse Lightning Web Component

The Tableau Pulse Lightning web component (LWC) allows Salesforce customers to drag and drop embedded Tableau Pulse metrics from Tableau Cloud onto Salesforce Lightning pages.

For instructions to turn on a Tableau LWC, add a trusted URL, set up seamless authentication and host mapping, and add a component to a Lightning page, see Configuring Tableau Lightning Web Components.

When you’ve added a Tableau Pulse LWC to your Lightning page, configure the component fields.

Component field Description
Component fieldDescription
Tableau Pulse URLThis field is required. Enter the URL for the Tableau Pulse page or metric that you want to embed.
Site IDThis field is required for seamless authentication if there isn’t a host mapping specified for the URL used in the Tableau Pulse URL field. If a host mapping exists for the Tableau site, the contents of this field are ignored.
HeightHeight in pixels.
Debug ModeCheck the box to turn on debug mode.
Force refresh toggleWhen troubleshooting, you can toggle this checkbox to refresh only this component instead of refreshing the whole Lightning App Builder Page or all components on the Lightning Page.
Set Component Visibility: Filters

Create filters for when to display the component. For example, you can filter on a specific user, permissions, or device form factor.

To add a filter:

  1. Select Add Filter.
  2. Choose Select to pick a field to filter on.
  3. Complete your selection, and then select Done.
  4. Select Done to save your filter.

Tableau Pulse component troubleshooting

From the page that contains the Tableau Pulse Lightning web component, select the gear icon, and then select Edit Page.

  1. Click on the Tableau Pulse Lightning web component to open the property editor.
  2. Confirm that the Tableau Pulse URL field contains a valid URL for a Tableau Pulse page or metric.
  3. Verify that the Site ID field is populated with the Site ID for the Tableau site. To find the Site ID, open the Share dialog for the workbook or view from the Tableau site.

For other Tableau LWC and seamless authentication information and troubleshooting, see Configuring Tableau Lightning Web Components.

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