Release Highlights

Note: Innovations are delivered to Tableau Cloud across a worldwide infrastructure. Access to them might occur earlier or later than announced.

In Tableau Cloud for June 2023:

  • Formatting table fonts on the web: Formatting pane includes table font formatting options for pane, header (with rows and columns), and title.

  • Email settings for data-driven alerts and subscriptions: You can turn off links that direct users to your site in data-data driven alert and subscription email notifications.

  • Usage metrics for sharing: Usage metrics for workbooks show how many times a workbook or its views have been shared using the Share with People option.

  • Spatial functions in maps: Length, ShapeType and Outline spatial functions are available for maps.

  • Personal access token (PAT) enhancements: Site admins can control who can create PATs and how long they’re valid for.

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