Developer Resources

The Developer Portal on the Tableau Community is the place to go for everything related to extending and automating Tableau. There you can get access to the following:

  • JavaScript API—Integrate Tableau views into your own web applications.

  • REST API—Manage provisioning, permissions, and publishing on Tableau Server or Tableau Online via HTTP. The REST API gives you access to the functionality behind the data sources, projects, workbooks, site users, and sites. You can use this access to create custom applications or to script interactions with server resources.

  • Tableau SDK—Use C, C++, Java, or Python to create extracts from any data and then to publish your extracts.

  • Tableau Metadata API—Using GraphQL, you can discover and query Tableau content and related external assets and metadata. For more information, see Tableau Metadata API.

  • Web Data Connector—Create a Tableau connection in JavaScript to almost any data that's accessible over HTTP. This can include internal web services, JSON data, XML data, REST APIs, and many other sources.

  • ODBC connector—Create a connection using ODBC (Open Database Connectivity), which is a data-access protocol that's supported by a wide array of data sources. In Tableau Desktop, you can connect to any ODBC-compliant source using the built-in ODBC connector.

In addition to these resources, you can get complete documentation and examples, and collaborate with the Tableau developer community

Notes for Tableau Online users

  • When you make REST API calls to Tableau Online, you need to use the URL for the instance on which your site exists. For example,

    For information, see Specifying Resources for Tableau Online under Using URIs to Specify Resources.

  • Not all of the methods provided in the Tableau REST API are applicable to Tableau Online. For information, see the API listing by category in the API Reference.

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