Data Connect for Private Network Data

Tableau Bridge provides a way to access private network data that is behind a corporate firewall, or locked down inside a virtual private cloud. After a connection is established to Tableau Cloud, Bridge queries your local data as requests arrive and sends the private results back to Tableau Cloud.

Similar to Tableau Bridge, Data Connect provides access to private network data, but pivots towards the SaaS experience by providing a remotely managed, monitored, and streamlined solution for connecting to your on-premise data.

Data Connect operates as a shared responsibility model. With this model, you supply the compute resources, which consist of a Data Connect Kubernetes cluster that is hosted in your environment and Tableau is responsible for managing the cluster. Tableau reduces the overhead of administration by remotely managing, monitoring, and maintaining the Kubernetes cluster. With the ability to perform remedial actions to enable continuous availability, Tableau eliminates the need to monitor traffic and connection status. In addition, to reduce latency and lower network congestion, Data Connect allows you to determine the data center, and edge locations and environments that best meet your requirements for performance.


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