Stop Keeping Data Fresh Through Bridge

You can stop refreshing data through Tableau Bridge when running Bridge schedules.

If you stop using Bridge, views that depend on data sources that rely on Bridge will no longer display data and produce blank pages instead.

Bridge (legacy) schedules do not support refreshes for virtual connections.

Change the connection type of a refresh to use Tableau Cloud

By default, Tableau Cloud uses Bridge when a published data source has multiple data connections. Multiple data connection types are data sources that have at least one public cloud connection and one on-premise connection. You can edit the connection type of extract refreshes for online schedules to use Tableau Cloud instead of Bridge.

To change the connection type:

  1. From the Connections tab of the data source, click Edit Connection.

  2. To stop using Bridge for the network connection type, choose Tableau Cloud. To use Bridge for the connection type, choose Private Network.

    Note: You must change all data connections related to the data source to the same connection type.

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