Publish a Bridge Data Source with a Live Connection

This topic describes how a data source owner can publish a data source that uses a live connection to private network data. Data sources that connect to private network (including private cloud) data rely on Tableau Bridge. The tasks described in this topic assume Bridge has already been set up and is being maintained by your site admin.

Publish a data source

The procedure below describes how you can publish a data source that uses a live connection. To support live connections to data sources that connect to private network data, Bridge uses functionality called live queries. To keep the data source up to date, Bridge queries the database directly and returns the results of the query for use in the data source.

  1. In Tableau Desktop, create your data source.

  2. Select Server > Publish Data Source to begin the publishing process. If you haven't already signed in to Tableau Cloud, you will be prompted to.
  3. In the Publish Data Source to Tableau Cloud dialog box, configure the various options for your data source and ensure you do the following:

    • Under Authentication, click Edit and select Embedded password or Server Run As account depending on the option you see.
    • Depending on the data that the data source is connected to or how you've configured the data source, the dialog can default to publishing a live connection or give you the option to publish a live connection or extract. If you are provided with options, select Maintain a live connection.
  4. Click the Publish button. This opens a browser window to Tableau Cloud.

  5. In the Publishing Complete dialog box, click the Done button.

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