Tip: Want to deploy Tableau Mobile for your organisation? See the Tableau Mobile Deployment Guide(Link opens in a new window).

About Tableau Mobile

Tableau Mobile is the companion app for Tableau Online and Tableau Server, giving you access to your Tableau site on the go. Available for Android and iOS, Tableau Mobile lets you interact with the content on your site and discover data insights, even if you’re offline.

Mobile home screen

Note that Tableau Mobile is for viewing content that has been published to Tableau Online or Tableau Server. It is not an authoring tool.

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Check the Tech Specs for Tableau Mobile(Link opens in a new window) to see operating system and Tableau version requirements.

What's new

Added in December 2021

Request access to shared content. If an item is shared with you, and you don’t have permission to view it, you can now request access directly through Tableau Mobile. Your request will be sent to the content owner, who can grant you access by managing permissions on Tableau Online or Tableau Server. Note that your Tableau administrator can turn request access on or off for your site. For more information about request access, see Let Site Users Request Access to Content.

Added in September 2021

See shared content on Tableau Mobile. A new Shared with Me channel is now available on your Home screen. This channel makes it easy to find shared content without needing to leave the app. For more information, see Find shared content.

Added in May 2021

Stay up to date with notifications in Tableau Mobile. You no longer need to rely on email for messages about sharing, @mentions or important status updates. Now, you'll see notifications about these events directly in the app. For more information, see Check notifications.

Added in March 2021

Access your start page. When you sign in to Tableau Mobile, you'll now see the same start page you have on Tableau Server or Tableau Online. For more information, see Access your start page.

Added in February 2021

Organise your favourites. You can now drag and drop items in your favourites to put the most important content first. For more information, see Organise your favourites.

Added in November 2020

Transition from previews to the latest view faster. The latest view now loads automatically while you look at offline previews of your favorite views. Previously, you needed to select a button to load the view. For more information, see Interact with offline previews.

Added in June 2020

Directly open links to metrics and views. If someone shares a link with you, or if you receive a notification email with a link, that link now opens directly in the app. For more information, see Open external links to views and metrics.

Added in April 2020

Get a content overview on the Home screen. The new Home screen shows your favourites, recents and recommendations, so you can access frequently used content from one place. For more information, see Get a content overview.

Discover recommended views. Tableau Mobile now recommends views that are trending or relevant to you based on your browsing habits. For more information, see Discover recommended content.

Added in December 2019

View data quality warnings. Learn if there are issues affecting the data you're viewing, such as stale or deprecated data. For more information, see Data Quality Warnings in the Tableau Online Help(Link opens in a new window).

Toggle between list and grid view for favourites. For more information, see Access favourites.

Sign in

To use Tableau Mobile, you must sign in to an account on either Tableau Server or Tableau Online. If you don't have an account, you can sign up for a trial of Tableau Online(Link opens in a new window).

Before you sign in, make sure you're connected to your corporate VPN, if necessary. If you experience repeated trouble signing in, contact your Tableau administrator. The way you authenticate can vary based on your Tableau environment.

Tableau Server versus Tableau Online

Using a web browser, visit your Tableau site. To determine whether you are using Tableau Server or Tableau Online, compare the URL in the address bar to the following examples.

  • A site on Tableau Server: https://my-server/#/site/my-site/home

  • A site on Tableau Online: https://10az.online.tableau.com/#/site/my-site/home

You can’t sign in to Tableau Public (https://public.tableau.com) with the Tableau Mobile app. However, you can visit the Tableau Public website(Link opens in a new window) using a mobile browser.

Sign in to Tableau Server

  1. In Tableau Mobile, select Get Started, if you don't see the Sign In screen.

  2. In the Server URL field, enter the address of your Tableau Server. Begin with https:// or http:// and end before the /# symbol. For example, https://my-server.

    Note: If you omit https:// or http:// from your URL, Tableau Mobile will attempt only secure (HTTPS) connections.

    HTTP isn't used when you omit http://, because it lacks server verification and the ability to keep the communications confidential. If your server uses HTTP, you must enter http:// at the beginning of your URL to connect to that server.

    You may also see a list of custom servers added by your administrator. Select one of these servers to sign in.

  3. Select Connect to Server.

    You are taken to your server’s sign in screen. If you are unable to sign in, contact your Tableau administrator for assistance.

Sign in to Tableau Online

  1. In Tableau Mobile, select Get Started, if you don't see the Sign In screen.
  2. Select Connect to Tableau Online.
  3. You are taken to the Tableau Online sign in screen. If you are unable to sign in, contact your Tableau administrator for assistance.

Change settings or switch sites

  1. Navigate to the Home, Favourites or Explore screen, and select the dots (...) in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  2. Select Settings to change app defaults, or select Sign Out to access a different Tableau site.

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