What's New

Tableau TACO Toolkit 2.0

October 2023

This release contains updated connector boilerplates.

This release also includes an update to the TACO Toolkit Web Data Connector SDK modules and documentation.

Tableau TACO Toolkit 1.3

November 2022

The Web Data Connector version 3.0 is a complete rewrite of the web data connector model used in previous versions. Web Data Connector 3.0 offers you extended flexibility and a streamlined toolset to create connectors for web-based data that isn’t easily retrieved using conventional ODBC or JDBC drivers. With the Web Data Connector 3.0 SDK, you can build connectors to virtually any web data source faster and more easily than ever before.

The Web Data Connector 3.0 framework revamps the web data connector developer experience by eliminating the hosting overhead of the earlier versions. This gives integrated authentication capabilities and modernizes the SDK tools, libraries, and API. These changes reduce the complexity for building a new web data connector.

Also, with the new framework, web data connectors appear as named connections in Tableau and can be distributed through Tableau Exchange. This makes the connectors more discoverable and usable across the Tableau platform.

TACO Toolkit

We created the TACO Toolkit to help you develop your connectors. The TACO Toolkit is an npm package. The toolkit contains a CLI, a software development kit (SDK), and the Extensible Protocol Server (EPS).

Major features of connectors created with the TACO Toolkit