Web Data Connector Overview

Tableau’s Web Data Connector (WDC) lets you connect to data that is accessible over HTTP. A WDC is an HTML file that includes JavaScript code.

Note: Unlike previous versions, Web Data Connector 3.0 doesn't require that your HTML file is on a web server.

Components of Web Data Connector 3.0

WDC 3.0 has the following components.

Extensible Protocol Server

The Extensible Protocol Server (EPS) is the server that runs your web data connector. An EPS-based connector is a web application that doesn’t require a web server.

TACO Toolkit

The TACO Toolkit is the command-line interfact that you use to create, build, and package your web data connector. Use the TACO Toolkit to generate template files for a variety of connector types and then edit the files for your specific connector. For more information about creating connectors, see Build a sample web data connector.