Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool - Incidents

Incidents are reported for events that are unusual and may require human attention. Incidents can be configured for a variety of events either at a global level or can be customized for each environment.

To see current incidents reported for an environment, after selecting an environment, from the Incidents menu, select All Incidents to see a list of all incidents logged and reported.

You may also receive a notification through email or Slack depending on your settings for notifications. To learn more about how notifications work, see Notifications.

You can generally categorize incidents into two types:.

  1. Incidents that are set by default and cannot be changed. We will refer to these as “system-defined incidents”.
  2. Incidents that can be configured by you. We will refer to these as “configurable incidents”.

All incidents have an incident severity level. The severity level is something that is specifically defined. For system-defined incidents, Resource Monitoring Tool sets the severity levels, and for configurable incidents, you set the severity level depending on what is right for your environment.

Here is the list of severity levels:


Severity Level Key Description
Info information When you wish to be informed of an incident that does not cause service distruption.
Warning warning Incidents causing possible service disruptions.
Critical critical Incidents causing major service disruption or the service is down entirely.

System-defined incidents

The following is a list of system incidents that are set by default and cannot be changed.

Incident Incident Level Description
Agent Down


An incident is logged and reported when either one or more Agents are down, and the RMT Server is unable to communicate with the Agent.
Agent Unlicensed critical

This can happen if Tableau Server is not properly licensed to use Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool, or due to connection issues. For more information on the possible causes, see Agent Incidents

Environment Down critical An incident is logged and reported when Tableau Server is offline.

Configurable incidents

These incidents can be configured based on your environment characteristics and organizational priorities. Following are the events that you can configure severity levels and, or thresholds. The links provide more details on what you can configure for each of the events.

To configure incidents at the global level:

  1. From the Admin menu, select Global Configuration.
  2. In the Incidents tab, configure the threshold and severity levels for the incidents.

Global configurations are applied to existing environments or any new environments created unless the environment is using custom thresholds.

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