Quick Start: Refresh Extracts on a Schedule

For published workbooks that connect to data extracts, you can set up the server to refresh the extracts on a recurring schedule, so all workbooks connected to them always show the most up-to-date data.

To schedule refreshes you need to have administrator or data owner permissions.

Note: This topic applies to extracts published to Tableau Server. For Tableau Cloud, how you refresh extracts depends on the underlying data they connect to. For more information, see Keep Data Fresh(Link opens in a new window).

1 Set up a schedule on the server

Sign in to the server, go to the Schedules page, and click New Schedule.

Tableau provides a few refresh schedules. You create additional schedules you need.

2 Enable scheduled extract refreshes and failure emails

As a server or site administrator, you can enable schedules, as well as email notification when extract refreshes fail.

Select Settings, and then go to the General page.

  • Under Email Notification, select Send email to data source and workbook owners when scheduled refreshes fail.

  • Under Embedded Credentials, select both check boxes to allow publishers to embed credentials and schedule extract refreshes.

3 Publish a workbook with an extract

In Tableau Desktop, select Server > Publish Workbook. Sign in to the server if you’re not already. In the Publish Workbook to Tableau Server dialog box , click Schedules & Authentication. Under Extract Schedule, select the schedule from the list.

If the original data requires authentication, you will also need to select how you want people to access it.

4 Monitor refresh performance

You can monitor scheduled tasks by viewing Background Tasks for Extracts on the Status page.

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