Cookie Restriction Error

When a user signs in to Tableau Server, a session cookie is stored in their local browser. The stored cookie is how Tableau Server maintains that the signed in user has been authenticated and can access the server. Because the cookie is set with the same domain or sub-domain as the browser's address bar, it is considered a first-party cookie. If a user's browser is configured to block first-party cookies, they will be unable to sign in to Tableau Server.

When a user signs in to Tableau Server via an embedded view, or in an environment where trusted authentication has been configured, the same thing happens: a cookie is stored. In this case, however, the browser treats the cookie as a third-party cookie. This is because the cookie is set with a domain that's different from the one shown in the browser's address bar. If a user's web browser is set to block third-party cookies, authentication to Tableau Server will fail. To prevent this from occurring, web browsers must be configured to allow third-party cookies.

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