Ticket Value of -1 Returned from Tableau Server

Tableau Server returns -1 for the ticket value if it cannot issue the ticket as part of the trusted authentication process. Before troubleshooting this scenario, be sure to set the log level for trusted authentication to debug as specified in Troubleshoot Trusted Authentication.

The exact reason for this message is written to the vizqlserver_node*-*.log.* files in the following folder:

ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server\data\tabsvc\logs\vizqlserver

Here are some things to confirm:

  • All web server host names or IP addresses are added to trusted hosts

    The log error, 'Invalid request host: <ip_address>' may indicate that the IP address or host name for the computer sending the POST request is not in the list of trusted hosts on Tableau Server. See Add Trusted IP Addresses or Host Names to Tableau Server to learn how to add IP addresses or host names to this list.

  • IP addresses are IPv4

    If you are using IP addresses to specify trusted hosts, they must be in Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) format. An IPv4 address looks like this: 123.456.7.890. IPv6 addresses (for example, fe12::3c4a:5eab:6789:01c%34) are not supported as a way of inputting trusted hosts.

  • Username in POST request is a valid Tableau Server user

    The username you send in the POST request must be a licensed Tableau Server user. You can see a list of users by signing in to Tableau Server as an administrator.

    The following log errors indicate a user POST issue:

    • "Missing username and/or client_ip"

    • "Invalid user: <username>"

    • "Unlicensed user is not allowed: <username>"

    Username in POST request includes domain

    If Tableau Server is configured to use Local Authentication, the username that you send in the POST can be a simple string. However, if the server is configured for Active Directory you must include the domain name with the user name (domain\username). For example, the username parameter might be: username=dev\jsmith. A common error log for this scenario is 'Invalid user: <username>'.

  • Content-Type is specified

    If you are designing an ASP.NET or C# application, you need to declare the content type in your HTTP request. For example:


    If you do not specify content type and Tableau Server returns a -1, the log files contain the error: 'missing username and/or client_ip'.

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