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The version of Tableau Server you are running is important. It determines the functionality and capabilities you have access to. Version is also important when you are upgrading, because in some cases how you upgrade depends on which version you are upgrading from, and which version you are upgrading to. Knowing your version is easy, once you understand how to find it.

  • Viewing version in Tableau Server—All server users can view the version of Tableau Server from the Help menu in the server web UI.

  • Viewing version in Tableau Services Manager (TSM)—TSM administrators can view the versions of TSM and Tableau Server from the TSM command line (CLI).

Viewing the server version from the Tableau Server web UI

  • While logged into Tableau Server, click the information icon () and About Tableau Server.

    The version of Tableau Server is listed in the About Tableau Server dialog box:

Viewing the server version and TSM version from the TSM command line

  1. Open a command prompt as administrator on the initial node (the node where TSM is installed).

  2. Run the following command:

    tsm version

The output displays the versions of Tableau Services Manager (TSM) and Tableau Server.

For example:

C:\>tsm version
Tableau Services Manager command line version 20182.18.1214.0751.
Tableau Server version 20182.18.1214.0751.

Short version, long version, and version_code

In most cases, when you need to know your version number, you need to know the "short" version. This version number displays in the About Tableau Server dialog box and is made up of three parts: major, minor, and maintenance versions. The short version number has this format: nnnn.n.n. For example: 2018.2.5.

A longer version includes the major and minor version numbers, as well as other build-specific information, and has this format: nnnnn.nn.nnnn.nnnn, for example: 20182.18.1214.0751. When you see a reference to <version_code> in this documentation, it means this longer version. The most common reference to this version_code or long version in the documentation is when we are discussing install locations or paths to the scripts or bin directories.

Tableau Server is installed in a /packages directory, with subdirectories that include the long version in the path name. This means that when you are navigating to a location within the /packages directory, you need to include the long version. For example, the /scripts directory: /opt/tableau/tableau_server/packages/scripts.<version_code>/.

For example: /opt/tableau/tableau server/packages/scripts.20182.18.1214.0751

Finding the long version number

This longer version also displays in the About Tableau Server dialog box, in parentheses:

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