Set the User Authentication Type for SAML

On a site that has been configured for site-specific SAML, administrators can specify users’ authentication type. For example, if Tableau Server was configured for site-specific SAML and server-wide SAML, administrators can specify which users authenticate with site-specific SAML and which users authenticate with server-wide SAML.

You can assign authentication type at the time you add users to Tableau Server, as well as any time afterward.

  1. When you’re signed in to the Tableau Server site, select Users.

  2. On the Site Users page, select the check boxes next to the users you want to assign an authentication type.

  3. On the Actions menu, select Authentication.

  4. In the Authentication dialog box, select Site SAML or Server Default.


  • Users that authenticate with site-specific SAML can only belong to one site. If a user needs to belong to multiple sites, set their authentication type to the server default. Depending on how site-specific SAML was configured by the server administrator, the server default is either local authentication or server-wide SAML.

  • If you change users’ authentication to site-specific SAML, the next time they sign in, they will be directed to your identity provider’s site to provide their credentials.

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