The Tableau Services Manager (TSM) command-line interface (CLI) replaces the tabadmin CLI in Tableau Server on Linux, and in Tableau Server on Windows version 2018.2. This page maps tabadmin commands to TSM commands to help you to migrate to the TSM CLI.

To learn more about the TSM CLI, see tsm Command Line Reference.

Tabadmin commands with a corresponding TSM CLI command

The following table shows which tabadmin commands correspond to commands available in the TSM CLI.

Command Description Tabadmin Command(s) Comparable TSM CLI Command
Activate a license tabadmin activate --activate tsm licenses activate
Deactivate licenses tabadmin activate --return tsm licenses deactivate
Activate a trial license tabadmin activate --trial tsm licenses activate --trial
Create a backup of the data managed by Tableau Server tabadmin backup tsm maintenance backup

A backup created using TSM does not include any server configuration data. There is no option to include server configuration data.

Clear the server cache tabadmin clearcache tsm maintenance cleanup -r
Clean up temporary files and old log files tabadmin cleanup tsm maintenance cleanup
Note: This command was added in version 10.5.1
Update the server configuration with any changes you've made tabadmin configure tsm pending-changes apply
Customize the server name and logos tabadmin customize tsm customize
Enable access to the repository tabadmin dbpass tsm data-access repository-access enable
Disable access to the repository tabadmin dbpass --disable tsm data-access repository-access disable
Set a file store instance to read-only mode tabadmin decommission tsm topology filestore decommission
Delete one or more Web Data Connectors (WDCs) from Tableau Server tabadmin delete_webdataconnector tsm data-access web-data-connectors delete

To learn more, see Web Data Connectors in Tableau Server.

Add a Web Data Connector (WDC) to Tableau Server tabadmin import_webdataconnector


tabadmin whitelist_webdataconnector

tsm data-access web-data-connectors add

Note: TSM does not support importing WDCs, instead it lets you add WDCs to an allowlist. To learn more, see Web Data Connectors in Tableau Server.

List Web Data Connectors (WDCs) used by Tableau Server tabadmin list_webdataconnectors tsm data-access web-data-connectors list

To learn more, see Web Data Connectors in Tableau Server.

Export a site from Tableau Server tabadmin exportsite tsm sites export
Initiate a repository failover tabadmin failoverrepository tsm topology failover-repository
Get a configuration option tabadmin get tsm configuration get
Get the OpenID redirect URL tabadmin get_openid_redirect_url tsm authentication openid get-redirect-url
Import site .csv files into Tableau Server tabadmin importsite tsm sites import
Import a site into Tableau Server using .csv files tabadmin importsite_verified tsm sites import-verified
Display license information for Tableau Server tabadmin licenses tsm licenses list

Note: For more information about the output of this command, see View Server Licenses.

Move a file store from read-only mode to an active read/write state tabadmin recommission tsm topology filestore recommission
Regenerate internal security tokens tabadmin regenerate_internal_tokens tsm security regenerate-internal-tokens
Register Tableau Server tabadmin register tsm register
Rebuild the search index for Tableau Server tabadmin reindex tsm maintenance reindex-search
Reset the Tableau Server administrator account tabadmin reset tsm reset

Note: Added in version 2018.1.

Stop and restart all Tableau Server processes tabadmin restart tsm restart
Restore from a Tableau Server backup file tabadmin restore tsm maintenance restore

The restore command does not restore any server configuration data. This is true whether you are using a backup created with TSM or a backup created with tabadmin.

Set a configuration option tabadmin set tsm configuration set
Activate or suspend a site tabadmin sitestate tsm sites unlock
Start all Tableau Server processes tabadmin start tsm start
Get the status of Tableau Server and server processes tabadmin status tsm status
Stop all Tableau Server processes tabadmin stop tsm stop
Create an archive (.zip) file with Tableau Server log files tabadmin ziplogs tsm maintenance ziplogs

The default behavior of the ziplogs command has changed: with tsm, the command collects up to the last two days of log files by default. The tabadmin ziplogs command collected up to seven days of log files. For more information, see tsm maintenance ziplogs.

Tabadmin commands with no corresponding TSM CLI command

The following table lists the tabadmin commands for which a comparable TSM CLI command is not available.

Command Description Tabadmin Command Notes
Add or remove a user from the system administrator group tabadmin administrator You can use the Tableau Server REST API Add User to Group and Remove User from Group methods to add or remove a user from the system administrator group.
Create a new key to encrypt sensitive information stored in the repository tabadmin assetkeys Use the tsm security regenerate-internal-tokens command to create or regenerate secrets and master keys.
Specify whether Tableau Server starts at system start-up time tabadmin autostart Tableau Server returns to the state it was in prior to a system restart. If it was running, it will restart. If it was stopped it will be stopped after the system starts.
Identify a second server node for backup tabadmin failoverprimary TSM does not have primary nodes, so a TSM equivalent to this command is not needed.
Manage credentials for delegated data access on Tableau Server tabadmin manage_global_credentials We recommend that you use Kerberos delegation to Apache Impala for global credential management. To learn more, see Kerberos and Enable Kerberos Delegation for Hive/Impala(Link opens in a new window) in the Tableau Community.
Reset the password for a Tableau Server account tabadmin passwd If your server uses local authentication, you can use the Tableau Server REST API Update User method to reset the password for a user account.
Reset binding between Tableau Server user ID and Open ID Connect identity provider tabadmin reset_openid_sub
Determine whether your environment meets the minimum requirements to run Tableau Server tabadmin validate
Verify that a backup of the Tableau Server repository will restore successfully tabadmin verify_database The tsm maintenance backup command automatically verifies that a backup will restore correctly unless you use the --skip-verification parameter.
Prepare VizQL processes for fast load times after a Tableau Server restart tabadmin warmup The tabadmin warmup command is no longer necessary, as Tableau Server is now optimized to automatically provide fast load times after a server restart.



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