Tableau Server Administration Controller

The Administration Controller process hosts the TSM REST API for configuring and managing your Tableau Server deployment. There can only be a single instance of the Administration Controller in the entire cluster.

This process will be automatically configured on the initial node of the cluster during installation—no explicit configuration is required.

The Administration Controller is also referred to as the TSM Controllerand the TSM Administration Controller.


Administration Controller

Status Status of the Administration Controller process is visible on the Status Page, displayed as TSM Controller. For more information, see View Server Process Status
Logging Logs generated by the Administration Controller process are located in /var/opt/tableau/tableau_server/data/tabsvc/logs/tabadmincontroller. For more information, see Tableau Server Logs and Log File Locations

What happens when the Administration Controller process fails?

If the Administration Controller fails, the Tableau Server cluster should continue to function; however, tsm commands and the TSM web UI will be unavailable. You will not be able to make any changes or updates to the configuration or topology until the Administration Controller is back up and running. Like other TSM services, Administration Controller is automatically restarted if it is stopped or has failed.

If the Administration Controller doesn’t start up on the node, you can try to start the service manually by running the following command:

sudo su -l tableau

systemctl --user start tabadmincontroller_0

Moving the Administration Controller

If the initial node fails, you need to move the Administration Controller and the Licensing Service to a different node so that Tableau Server can continue to function. For details on how to do this, see Recover from an Initial Node Failure.

Restarting the Administration Controller

Restart the TSM Administration Controller (as tableau system account):

sudo su -l tableau -c "systemctl --user restart tabadmincontroller_0.service"

Note: It may take a few minutes for tabadmincontroller to restart. If you attempt to apply pending changes in the next step before the controller has fully restarted, TSM will not be able to connect to the controller. You can verify that the controller is running by using the tsm status -v command. Tableau Server Administration Controller should be listed as "is running".

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