Get Eventing Status

After you have enabled Tableau Catalog (or the Tableau Metadata API) in your Tableau Server environment, you can use the Eventing API to gauge indexing performance.

The steps described below must be performed by a server admin.

Step 1: Authenticate using the REST API

To access the Eventing API, you must first authenticate against Tableau Server and get a token. You can do this using the Tableau REST API. For more information, see Signing In and Signing Out (Authentication)(Link opens in a new window) in the REST API Help.

Alternatively, you can sign in to Tableau Server using your admin credentials.

Step 2: Make a GET request

Make the following GET request or paste the URL into your browser:


Status values from the response

The following values are returned by the Eventing API.

  • contentType is the content type that was most recently indexed.
  • queueSize is the number of items in the indexing queue. The larger the queue size, the longer it can take for items to show in Catalog or Metadata API. If the queue size increases over time, you might need to adjust backgrounder capacity to support the non-interactive containers and indexing process. For more information, see Memory for non-interactive microservice containers.
  • checkpointCreatedTime is the last recorded time, in UTC, an item was indexed. The Eventing API checks for the last indexed item every five minutes.

Example response

The request returns JSON text. To view the JSON in a more readable format, you can use a JSON viewer or browser add-on.


"contentType": "PublishedDatasource",

"queueSize": 312,

"checkpointCreatedTime": "2020-07-29T23:50:25.763Z"


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