You can use the tsm settings commands to export (get) and import (set) configuration values.

Important: The server configuration file referenced in this topic includes a copy of the master keystore file used for encrypting configuration secrets. We strongly recommend that you take additional measures to secure the node configuration file, using mechanisms as described in Securing secrets for import and export operations.

The following files are not exported or imported with this command. You must manage these files manually:

  • SAML certificate file
  • SAML key file
  • SAML IdP metadata file
  • OpenID.static.file
  • Kerberos.keytab file
  • LDAP Kerberos keytab file
  • LDAP Kerberos conf file
  • Mutual SSL certificate file
  • Mutual SSL revocation file
  • Customization header logo file
  • Customization sign-in logo file
  • Customization compact logo file

tsm settings export

Export the current server configuration and topology to a file.


tsm settings export --output-config-file <path/to/output_file.json> [global options]


-f, --output-config-file <file>


Specifies the location and name of the file created by this operation.

tsm settings import

Import server configuration or topology.


tsm settings import --import-config-file <path/to/import_file.json> [global options]


-f,--import-config-file <FILE>


Path to input file.





-frc, --force-keys


Force a key to be added to configuration even if it did not previously exist.

Global options

-h, --help


Show the command help.

-p, --password <password>

Required, along with -u or --username if no session is active.

Specify the password for the user specified in -u or --username.

If the password includes spaces or special characters, enclose it in quotes:

--password 'my password'

-s, --server https://<hostname>:8850


Use the specified address for Tableau Services Manager. The URL must start with https, include port 8850, and use the server name not the IP address. For example https://<tsm_hostname>:8850. If no server is specified, https://<localhost | dnsname>:8850 is assumed.



Use this flag to trust the self-signed certificate on the TSM controller. For more information about certificate trust and CLI connections, see Connecting TSM clients.

-u, --username <user>

Required if no session is active, along with -p or --password.

Specify a user account. If you do not include this option, the command is run using credentials you signed in with.

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