tsm email

Use the tsm email command to view and test your SMTP configuration.

For more information about configuring SMTP, see Configure SMTP Setup.

tsm email test-smtp-connection

Run this command to test the STMP connection. When run, TSM will attempt to establish a connection with the SMTP server that you have configured for Tableau Server. TSM will also return a connection status and the details of the SMTP configuration.

In some cases, the command will return a false-positive status. For example, if your Postfix SMTP server is set to require TLS, but Tableau Server is not configured for TLS, the connection is established and TSM will report a succesful connection. However, in this scenario, Postfix actually rejects the email message after TSM has connected.


tsm email test-smtp-connection [global options]

Global options

-h, --help


Show the command help.

-p, --password <password>

Required, along with -u or --username if no session is active.

Specify the password for the user specified in -u or --username.

If the password includes spaces or special characters, enclose it in quotes:

--password 'my password'

-s, --server <url_to_tsm>


Use the specified address for Tableau Services Manager. The URL must start with https, include port 8850, and use the server name not the IP address, for example https://mytableauhost:8850. If no server is specified, https://<localhost | dnsname>:8850 is assumed.



Use this flag to trust the self-signed certificate on the TSM controller. For more information about certificate trust and CLI connections, see Connecting TSM clients.

-u, --username <user>

Required if no session is active, along with -p or --password.

Specify a user account. If you do not include this option, the command is run using credentials you signed in with.


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