tsm File Paths

Certain tsm commands read files from or write files to default locations. These default locations are determined by basefilepath variables defined for each command. You can use tsm to view the current value of the variables, and to change the locations.

Default locations for files

During the tsm maintenance backup, restore, send-logs, and ziplogs processes, and the tsm sites export and sites import processes, Tableau Server uses default locations for the files created or used by these commands.

By default:

  • tsm maintenance commands:

    • backup—The backup .tsbak file is generated in:


    • restore—The restore process restores a backup file from:


    • send-logs—The send-logs sends the logs file from:


    • ziplogs—The ziplogs file is generated in:


  • tsm sites

    • export—The export .zip file is generated to the following directory:


    • import—During the import process, Tableau Server looks for files in:


Get the current file location

You can see the current file location for a specific command using tsm configuration get:

  • For tsm maintenance commands:

    • backup, restore, and send-logs:

      tsm configuration get -k basefilepath.backuprestore

    • ziplogs:

      tsm configuration get -k basefilepath.log_archive

  • For tsm sites commands:

    • export

      tsm configuration get -k basefilepath.site_export.exports

    • import

      tsm configuration get -k basefilepath.site_import.exports

Change the current file location

You can change the expected file locations using the tsm configuration set command to update the basefilepath variables.

Changing a basefilepath variable does not move existing files from the original directory to the new directory. If you want existing backup, restore, log files, or site export or import files to reside in the new directory you specify, you must move them manually. You are responsible for creating the new location and for setting the correct permissions to allow tsm access to any files that will be placed there, and to the directory structure containing those files. For more information about permissions and tsm, see Files and Permissions in TSM.

  • For tsm maintenance commands:

    • To change the backup, restore, or send-logs directory, run the following command:

      tsm configuration set -k basefilepath.backuprestore -v "/new/directory/path"

    • To change the ziplogs directory:

      tsm configuration set -k basefilepath.log_archive -v "/new/directory/path"

  • For tsm sites commands:

    • To change the sites export directory:

      tsm configuration set -k basefilepath.site_export.exports -v "/new/directory/path"

    • To change the sites import directory:

      tsm configuration set -k basefilepath.site_import.exports -v "/new/directory/path"

After you change a default file location you need to do the following:

  1. Apply pending changes:

    tsm pending-changes apply

  2. Stop Tableau Server:

    tsm stop

  3. Restart the TSM Controller (as tableau system account):

    sudo su -l tableau -c "systemctl --user restart tabadmincontroller_0.service"

  4. Wait several minutes for the controller to restart. You can confirm the controller has restarted with this command:

    tsm status -v

    When you can run that command and the Tableau Server Administration Controller is listed as 'running' the controller has restarted.

  5. Start Tableau Server:

    tsm start


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