Enable Ask Data for Sites and Data Sources

Ask Data is supported for all user roles with direct access to data sources: Creators, Explorers, and Interactors. To make Ask Data available in Tableau Online and Tableau Server, data source owners and Tableau administrators need to follow these simple steps.

Note: Ask Data doesn't support multidimensional cube data sources.

Enable or disable Ask Data for a site

As a site administrator, go to the General site settings, scroll down to the Availability of Ask Data section, and choose from these options:

  • Enabled by default enables Ask Data for all data sources by default, but lets specific ones be disabled by data source owners and administrators.

  • Disabled by default disables Ask Data for all data sources by default, but lets specific ones be enabled by data source owners and administrators. (If you select this option, Always disable Ask Data becomes available, which fully disables Ask Data throughout your site.)

Ensure that users can access a data source

To use Ask Data, web-authoring must be enabled for your entire Tableau site, and users must have permission to connect to the individual data source.

If a data source has row-level permissions, those permissions also apply to Ask Data, which won’t recognize secure values or make related statistical recommendations.

Enable or disable Ask Data for a data source

Ask Data is enabled for most data sources by default, but you can disable it for data sources it won't be used with. For enabled data sources, you can change how often analysis occurs, optimizing system performance.

  1. At the top of the data source page, click the Details icon:

  2. In the Ask Data section, click Edit.

  3. Click the Enable for this data source check box.

  4. If you're enabling Ask Data, choose a data source analysis option:

    • Automatic checks for changes every 24 hours and analyzes the data source if it is live, has had an extract refreshed, or has been republished. Choose this option for a data source frequently used with Ask Data, so it will be ready before users query it.

    • Triggered by user request analyzes the data source only if it has changed since a user last accessed Ask Data. Choose this option if the data source changes frequently but users query it with Ask Data only occasionally.

    • Disabled analyzes only field names, not values.

  5. Click Save.

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