tsm jobs

You can use the tsm jobs commands to list, reconnect to and cancel jobs.

tsm jobs cancel

Cancel a job on the server. Any job can be cancelled before it starts running (when queued). Only certain jobs can be cancelled when they are already running: Clean-up, Decommission File Store, Generate Backup, Restart Server, Start Server. For more information about cancelling jobs, see Cancel TSM Jobs.


tsm jobs cancel --id <jobID> [global options]


-i,--id <jobID>


Id of the job to cancel.

tsm jobs list

List asynchronous jobs on the server.


tsm jobs list [--status <status>] [global options]


-t,--status <status>


Filter for jobs that match the given status.

tsm jobs reconnect

Reconnect to an asynchronous job to display its progress. If no job id is specified, it reconnects to the latest job.


tsm jobs reconnect[--id <jobID>] [global options]


-i,--id <jobID>


Specifies the id of the job that should be reconnected.

Global options

-h, --help


Show the command help.

-p, --password <password>

Required, along with -u or --username if no session is active.

Specify the password for the user specified in -u or --username.

If the password includes spaces or special characters, enclose it in quotes:

--password 'my password'

-s, --server https://<hostname>:8850


Use the specified address for Tableau Services Manager. The URL must start with https, include port 8850, and use the server name not the IP address. For example https://<tsm_hostname>:8850. If no server is specified, https://<localhost | dnsname>:8850 is assumed.



Use this flag to trust the self-signed certificate on the TSM controller. For more information about certificate trust and CLI connections, see Connecting TSM clients.

-u, --username <user>

Required if no session is active, along with -p or --password.

Specify a user account. If you do not include this option, the command is run using credentials you signed in with.

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