tsm customise

You can use the tsm customize command to customise the look and feel of the Tableau Server client browser experience.

LogoOption flagMinimum size/Maximum size, in pixelsRecommended size, in pixels
A - Window tab logocannot be changedcannot be changedcannot be changed
B - Server name--server-namedoes not applydoes not apply
C - Header logo--header-logo32 by 32 min, 160 by 160 max48 by 48
Not shown - Sign in logo--signin-logo3000 by 3000 max 
Header logo/Sign in logo--logo32 by 32 min, 160 by 160 max48 by 48
Not shown - Logo shown when navigation pane is minimised--compact-logo32 by 32 max32 by 32

The image files you use should be in GIF, JPEG or PNG format.

The background colours on the header and sign in page are not the same. If you use the same image for both locations (if you use the --logo option, for example) your logo might look different depending on where it appears in the server interface.

As part of your disaster recovery plan, we recommend keeping a backup of the customisation image files in a safe location off of the Tableau Server. The image files that you add to Tableau Server will be stored and distributed to other nodes by the Client File Service. However, the files are not stored in a recoverable format. See Tableau Server Client File Service.


tsm customize [options] [global options]

After you run the customize command, you must run the following command to apply changes:

tsm pending-changes apply


Note: The path and image file name cannot include any spaces.

--compact-logo "<path-to-logo>"


Specify a path to the image file that will be displayed when the navigation pane size is minimised. The maximum (and optimal) size is 32 by 32 pixels.

--header-logo "<path-to-logo>"


Specify a path to the image file that will be displayed in the header only.

--logo "<path-to-logo>"


Path to a single image file that will display for both the header and the sign-in window.



Reset all customisation options to default install state.

--server-name <server_name>


Server name that appears in the browser tab, tooltips and messages.

--signin-logo "<path-to-logo>"


Specify a path to the image file that will be displayed for sign-in window only.

Global options

-h, --help


Show the command help.

-p, --password <password>

Required, along with -u or --username if no session is active.

Specify the password for the user specified in -u or --username.

If the password includes spaces or special characters, enclose it in quotes:

--password 'my password'

-s, --server https://<hostname>:8850


Use the specified address for Tableau Services Manager. The URL must start with https, include port 8850, and use the server name not the IP address. For example https://<tsm_hostname>:8850. If no server is specified, https://<localhost | dnsname>:8850 is assumed.



Use this flag to trust the self-signed certificate on the TSM controller. For more information about certificate trust and CLI connections, see Connecting TSM clients.

-u, --username <user>

Required if no session is active, along with -p or --password.

Specify a user account. If you do not include this option, the command is run using credentials you signed in with.

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