Install or Upgrade Tableau Desktop

For comprehensive installation information, see the Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep Deployment Guide.

When you install or upgrade you have the option to share usage data with us to help us continually improve our product to better meet your needs. For more information about the data we collect, see Tableau Product Usage Data(Link opens in a new window). For information about how to opt out of sharing usage data see Turn off usage reporting in the Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep Deployment Guide.

Accessing the repository from a previous version

When you upgrade to Tableau 2022.4 from previous versions, your repository is upgraded. Any bookmarks, workbooks, and data sources that you had in your old repository will still be accessible by the application. In addition, the new sample data sources and workbooks will replace the old samples unless you have modified them and saved them as your own.

Note: Your recent workbooks are automatically imported and restored to your Start page along with your recent connections list and any organization-specific settings on the Discover pane.

Accessing the repository from a beta version

If you have participated in the Tableau Software Beta program, you also have a beta repository. While this folder will still exist after you install Tableau 2022.4, the application will no longer access it. To make your beta workbooks accessible in Tableau 2022.4, copy the workbooks from the beta repository to your new 2022.4 repository.

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