Install Bridge

Tableau Bridge is software that you can install and use in conjunction with Tableau Cloud. Always install the latest version of Bridge to take advantage of the latest security and feature updates.

Tableau Bridge is available for Windows installations and Linux for Docker containers.

Before installing Bridge

You do not need a product key to use Bridge. Use of Bridge is subject to your End User License Agreement (EULA). Users of Bridge must be authorized users of Tableau Cloud.

You can find all available versions on the Tableau Bridge Product Download and Release Notes page.

Network access

Because Bridge facilitates connections between your private network data and Tableau Cloud, it requires the ability to make outbound connections through the internet. After the initial outbound connection, communication is bidirectional.

Required ports

Tableau Bridge uses port 443 to make outbound internet requests to Tableau Cloud and port 80 for certificate validation.

Tableau with MFA

Bridge supports multi-factor authentication (MFA). For more information about Tableau with MFA, see About multi-factor authentication and Tableau Cloud.

Database drivers

Bridge uses Tableau connectors to connect to different databases to maintain data freshness. Some of those connectors require drivers to communicate with the databases.

To get drivers for connectors that the client supports, go to the Driver Download(Link opens in a new window) page on the Tableau website. Make sure to filter the list for the operating system and use the instructions listed for the data source.

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