Import a Map Source

You can import a Tableau Map Source (.tms) that someone has shared with you into a workbook, and then use it to create custom map views.

  1. Select Map > Background Maps > Map Services. This opens the Map Services dialog box.

  2. Click Import. This opens the Import Connection dialog box.

  3. Navigate to the saved Tableau map source file (.tms) that you want to import, select it, and then click Open. This closes the Import Connection dialog box and adds the Tableau map source to the list of maps in the Map Services dialog box.

    If you want to edit the newly added Tableau map source, select it from the list, and then click Edit. Otherwise, click Close to return to the view.

You can import as many Tableau map sources as you want into a workbook. Each Tableau map source you add appears as a background map in the Background Maps menu and is automatically selected as the default background map until another Tableau map source is imported, until you connect to a WMS server or Mapbox map, or until you select to use a different background map.

Note: When you create a new map view, the background map that is selected in the Background Maps menu is used to create the map for that view.

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