Save a Map Source

After you add a Mapbox map or WMS server to your workbook, you can save it as a Tableau map source (.tms).

Saving a Mapbox map or WMS server as a Tableau Map Source allows you to share your map with others so they can quickly import it into their own workbooks and use it to create new map views. For more information about importing a Tableau Map Source into a workbook, see Import a Map Source.

  1. Select Map > Background Maps > Map Services. This opens the Map Services dialog box.

  2. Select the map that you want to save as a Tableau map source, and then click Export. This opens the Export Connection dialog box.

  3. Type a name for the file, choose a location, and then click Save.

The Tableau map source includes any default map layer settings you have specified in the workbook. For example, the map source will include any custom set of map layers you have specified to show by default. For more information, see Customize How Your Map Looks in the Set Map Layers topic.

Note: If you change the default settings for the map layer options, you should export the map again to include the new settings in the Tableau map source file.

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