Pan and Zoom

The pan tool and zoom controls help you interact with the view and inspect your data. They are located in the upper-left corner of the view, on the view toolbar. For more information, see View Toolbar.

You can use the zoom controls to zoom in and out, zoom to a specific area, and fix or reset the axes in the view. Use the pan tool to move quickly around the view.

Zoom in and out

On the view toolbar, click the Zoom In button to zoom in and the Zoom Out button to zoom out. If the view toolbar is hidden, double-click the view to zoom in; to zoom out, hold down Shift, and then double-click the view.

Zoom to a specific area

To zoom in to a specific area of the view, click the Zoom Area tool button on the view toolbar, and then drag to create the zoom area. If the view toolbar is hidden, hold down Ctrl + Shift (Command-Shift on Mac) to use the Zoom Area tool.

Reset the view

After you zoom in or out, the axes in the view are fixed to a specific range. To quickly reset the axes so they automatically zoom the view to all of your data, do one of the following:

  • In Tableau Desktop, click the Reset Axes button on the view toolbar.

  • In Tableau Server or Tableau Online, click the Zoom Home button on the view toolbar.


To pan, do one of the following:

  • Hold down Shift, and then drag across the view.
  • On the view toolbar, hover over the arrow, select the Pan tool , and then click and drag across the view.
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