Licensing and activation

You can activate Tableau using any of the following methods. Depending on your configuration, you might see one or more of these activation options. If you are not sure which option to choose, contact your administrator.

Start a trial

Use Tableau for 14 days without restrictions. After 14 days, you can get a trial extension product key or a regular product key and use it to activate Tableau. For more information, see Activating a Free Trial(Link opens in a new window).

Activate with a product key

Enter a product key to activate your Tableau licence. For more information, see Activate and register your product(Link opens in a new window).

Activate by signing in to a server

Sign-in to Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud to activate your Tableau licence using login-based licence management. Login-based licence management, helps to manage licensing for users with Creator roles on Tableau Server and Tableau Cloud by eliminating the need for separate Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep Builder product keys.

For more information, see Login-based Licence Management(Link opens in a new window).

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