Disable or Enable Ask Data for a Site

Important changes coming for Ask Data and Metrics

Tableau's Ask Data and Metrics features were retired in Tableau Cloud in February 2024 and will be retired in Tableau Server version 2024.2. With advances in natural language technologies, we're developing an improved interface that will make it easier to ask questions of your data and stay on top of changes. For more information, see How Tableau AI and Tableau Pulse are reimagining the data experience.

Ask Data is enabled for sites by default, but Tableau administrators may disable it.

  1. Go to the General site settings.

  2. (Tableau Server only) In the Web Authoring section, select Let users edit workbooks in their browser.
  3. In the Availability of Ask Data section, choose from these options:

    • Enabled enables creation of Ask Data lenses for all published data sources.

    • Disabled hides Ask Data throughout the site, while preserving information about previously created lenses so they can be restored if Ask Data is re-enabled.

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