Start a Refresh Task Manually

You can refresh extracts of data hosted with most cloud data providers directly on Tableau Cloud. You can run a refresh from Tableau Bridge for data sources you’ve set up there.

If a data source has scheduled refreshes, running a manual refresh does not affect the schedule.

Run a refresh on Tableau Cloud

  1. Sign in to the Tableau Cloud site to which the data source is published.

  2. On the Data Sources page, select the More actions icon (…) next to the data source you want to refresh, and then select Refresh Extracts from the menu.

  3. Under Refresh Now, select Full Refresh.

Note: For data sources that have scheduled refreshes, site administrators can initiate a refresh also from the Actions menu on the Tasks > Extract Refreshes page.

Run a refresh in the Tableau Bridge client

Open Tableau Bridge from the Windows system tray, and select the Run now icon () for the data source.

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