Enable Tableau Prep Conductor on your Tableau Cloud Site

Prep Conductor is automatically enabled on your Tableau Cloud site after you purchase Data Management. For information on how to purchase Data Management, contact your account manager.

Verify Tableau Prep Conductor is enabled

  1. From Tableau Prep Builder, sign in to Tableau Cloud by selecting Server >Sign In.

    If your site is set up to use Tableau authentication, enter your user name (email address) and password you use for Tableau Cloud, and then click Sign In. If multi-factor authentication (MFA) is enabled with Tableau authentication, you are prompted to verify your identity using the verification you selected during the MFA registration process. If you are signing in to Tableau Cloud or registering for MFA for the first time, see Register for multi-factor authentication.

    After verifying your identity, you are redirected to your site.

  2. Open any of your flows.

  3. Verify if there is a Scheduled Tasks tab. If the tab is there, then Prep Conductor is enabled.

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