Use Dynamic Axis Titles

Tableau’s flexibility empowers authors to quickly analyze different data sets and visualize data differently for deeper analysis. But with that flexibility, comes the responsibility to communicate accurately the data that is used in a viz. For example, it’s critical to communicate the units of measure that change based on a parameter value. Imagine that you’re looking at a viz of the weather that shows a forecast of 25 degrees. In Fahrenheit, that forecast might be a great ski trip. But in Celsius, that forecast might call for a trip to the beach.

As an author, you can use Dynamic Axis Titles to update the axis title based on the value of a parameter or a single-value field (for example, an LOD calculation). If you use swap parameters, the axis titles update to match the data being used.

Supported field types

To be used as a Dynamic Axis Title, fields must be:

Configure a dynamic axis title

  1. From a Tableau sheet, drag a continuous field onto a shelf.
  2. Double-click the axis to open the Edit Axis dialog.
  3. Under the Axis Titles section, choose the field you want to use for your axis title from the list.
  4. Close the Edit Axis dialog.

For a more complex use case, first follow the steps in Example: Swap Measures Using Parameters. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Double-click the X axis to open the Edit Axis dialog.
  2. Under the Axis Titles section, select Parameter, and then choose the Placeholder 2 selector.
  3. Close the Edit Axis dialog.
  4. Repeat these steps for the Y axis using Placeholder 1.

Now, when the parameters are changed, the axes titles update to reflect the data being displayed.

Understand limitations and edge cases

Dynamic axis titles are cleared when the viz type is changed using Show Me. Also if you use subtitles, then the subtitle appears after the Dynamic Axis Title, just as it does for custom titles. Automatic subtitles are populated only when you have a continuous date value axis that is filtered to a single year with at least two time periods. The dynamic axis title functionality doesn't work when using the worksheet in a story (a sequence of visualizations that work together to convey information).

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