Configure Tableau Data Story Settings: Display

You can configure how the text in your Tableau Data Story is displayed, such as font color and size. You can also choose whether your story uses bulleted lists or paragraphs.

Configure the display for your story

  1. Add a Tableau Data Story to a Dashboard.
  2. From your dashboard, click the Settings icon at the top-left corner of your Data Story object.
  3. In the Data Story dialog box, click the Display tab.
  4. Choose whether you want your story structure to be Bullets or Paragraphs.
  5. Choose your Font Size.
  6. Pick colors to represent good and bad changes (available for continuous stories).
  7. Choose whether to use Dynamic Ordering.
  8. Choose whether to use a Condensed View.
  9. Click Save.

Understand when to use story display settings

To use color, your story must be continuous. When using color, you can choose colors from the palette to represent good changes and bad changes. For your story to know whether a change is good or bad, you must assign meaning to larger values in the Characteristics tab. For more information, see Configure Tableau Data Story Settings: Characteristics. After you configure your display, the styles and colors are applied in your story based on thresholds for trend line or segment analytics.

If you turn on Dynamic Ordering, then the insights for measures in a story are dynamically ordered from the best to the worst average value. If you already have an order you want to maintain, turn off Dynamic Ordering.

If you turn on Condensed View, then additional space is removed from your story. This is helpful if you don’t have much extra space in your dashboard or when you have multiple Data Story objects in a dashboard.

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