Using the Tableau Content Migration Tool Command Line Interface

The Tableau Content Migration Tool includes a command line interface, tabcmt.cmd, located in the installation folder. The default installation folder is %PROGRAMFILES%\Tableau\Tableau Content Migration Tool (32-bit Windows) or %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\Tableau\Tableau Content Migration Tool (64-bit Windows).

Note: The tabcmt.cmd utility is not the same as the Content Migration Tool console runner, tabcmt-runner.exe. The console runner is a separate command line utility used for running migrations from the command line. For information on using the Content Migration Tool console runner, see Using the Tableau Content Migration Tool Console Runner.

Here are the commands that can be used with the tabcmt command line:


Opens a migration plan file to the migrate step in the GUI:

tabcmt migrate <plan file>


Shows general help about the command line interface and the available commands.


Show all commands available:

tabcmt help

Show help and usage information for a specific command:

tabcmt help <command>


Deprecated in July 2022.

This command is only applicable for legacy licenses. Manages the application license for the current user.


Show the current license information:

tabcmt license

Remove/deactivate the current license:

edt license remove

Set/activate a serial key or offline license key:

tabcmt license <key>

Set/activate using a license file:

tabcmt license <file path> [--passphrase=<password>]


Manages the options for application updates.


Show the current update settings:

tabcmt update

Enable or disable the automatic update notifications:

tabcmt update --disabled=<true|false>

Set the URL to detect/download updates from:

tabcmt update --url=<url>

Enable or disable showing beta updates. Set to false to only show stable release updates.

tabcmt update --beta=<true|false>


Shows the current application version information.

tabcmt version

Who can do this

To use the command line interface, you must have all the following:

  • Administrator permissions on the Content Migration Tool machine.
  • Tableau site user account with an Explorer role or higher.
  • View and Download Workbook/Save a Copy permissions on the source site.
  • Publishing rights for the destination site.
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