Background Tasks for Extracts

The Background Tasks for Extracts view displays extract-specific tasks that run on the server. This view gives you a snapshot of Tableau Cloud activity over the past 30 days.

Understand this view

To better understand this pre-built admin view, make note of the following:

  • The table, "What Extracts Ran on this Server," lists the extracts that ran in the time period specified in Timeline.
  • You can click Success or Error to filter the table based on status.
  • You can also click a specific task to update the "How Much Time did Extracts Take" graph for the selected task.
  • The table, "How Many Extracts Succeeded or Failed," updates for the status (success or failure) of the task, but the count of extracts that succeeded or failed does not change.


Tasks can have a status of success or error.

Icon Description
Error—Server was unable to complete the task.
Success—Server completed the task.

See details about a task

For details on about the task, use your mouse to hover over the success or error icon.

Errors in task details

If a refresh task reaches the timeout limit, you might see one of the following errors in the task details:

  • The query time resource limit (7200 seconds) was exceeded.
  • com.tableau.nativeapi.dll.TableauCancelException: Operation cancelled.
  • The query time resource limit (8100 seconds) was exceeded.

For more information about the timeout limit for refresh tasks and suggestions for resolving these errors, see Time limit for extract refreshes.

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