Set the User Authentication Type

On a Google, OIDC, Salesforce o rSAML-enabled site, administrators can specify users’ authentication type. For example, which users can access Tableau Cloud using their single sign-on credentials.

You can assign authentication type at the time you add users to Tableau Cloud, as well as any time afterward.

  1. When you’re signed in to the Tableau Cloud site, select Users.

  2. On the Site Users page, tick the boxes next to the users you want to assign an authentication type.

  3. On the Actions menu, select Authentication.

  4. In the Authentication dialogue box, select the authentication method or Tableau with MFA.


  • If you change users’ authentication from Tableau with MFA to Google, the next time they sign in, they will be directed to your identity provider’s site to provide their credentials.

  • If users were signing in using their external Identity Provider credentials, and you change their authentication type to Tableau, if they do not have existing Tableau credentials, they will receive email from Tableau with instructions for creating new Tableau credentials.

  • Tableau recommends that you dedicate a site administrator account that is always configured for Tableau with MFA authentication. In the event of an issue with your Identity Provider, a dedicated Tableau account ensures that you always have access to your site.

  • See Multi-Factor Authentication and Tableau Cloud for more information about the Tableau with MFA authentication option.

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