Tableau Cloud System Maintenance

Tableau Cloud undergoes periodic maintenance to sustain the infrastructure supporting Tableau Cloud services and deliver enhanced features and functionality. As a Tableau Cloud administrator, you don't have to worry about managing updates to your site. But we recommend reviewing the reserved maintenance schedule to plan for scheduled downtime and to avoid service interruptions.

For more information about quarterly releases, see Tableau Cloud quarterly releases.

Maintenance communication

Tableau communicates system maintenance through the Tableau Trust page and notification emails to site administrators.

Tableau Trust notifications

Tableau Trust is where all Tableau Cloud status updates are posted. Status updates include system maintenance, as well as reported incidents that may affect the use of Tableau Cloud. You can quickly check the status of your Tableau Cloud instance by visiting the Tableau Trust page, or by subscribing to Trust to stay informed.

To subscribe to Trust, simply go to opens in a new window), and click Subscribe to updates. You can receive updates by email, SMS message or RSS notifications whenever Tableau creates, updates, or resolves an incident.

Site Administrator emails

Tableau Cloud users with the Site Administrator role will automatically receive notification emails about their site. Emails include system maintenance and reported incidents that may affect the use of Tableau Cloud.

Notification emails will include the date and time, name of the Tableau Cloud instance, type of maintenance scheduled, impact to users and estimated time to completion.

Reserved system maintenance schedule

Tableau has reserved system maintenance windows for sustaining the security, availability and performance of the infrastructure supporting Tableau Cloud services. The reserved maintenance schedule will help you plan for scheduled downtime and avoid service interruptions to your Tableau Cloud site. While there is a pre-defined window in which maintenance can occur, there may be months when maintenance is not required.

When maintenance is scheduled, we publish the dates and times of the maintenance windows on the Tableau Trust(Link opens in a new window) site. For maintenances that impact an entire Tableau Cloud instance, Trust notifications are sent to subscribers and site administrators via email. Notifications are sent when the maintenance schedule is posted to Trust and 14-days before the maintenance will occur. Trust notifications will also be sent at the start and end of each maintenance and 48 hours prior as a reminder.

In the event that we need to reschedule maintenance, the maintenance record will be updated on the Trust site, and an email will be sent to Trust subscribers.

Note: If priority maintenance is required, Trust subscribers and Tableau Cloud site administrators may be notified less than one week in advance.

Whenever possible, and only as maintenance is necessary, Tableau will schedule system maintenance the first and third weekends of the calendar month during the windows listed in the table below. Plan the maintenance activities for your organisation (software upgrades, integration changes, etc.) outside of the Tableau system maintenance windows for your instance(s). In extreme circumstances, there may be times when system maintenance is scheduled outside of these windows to maintain system availability, performance and security of the Tableau Cloud infrastructure.

Reserved System Maintenance Windows
RegionInstanceIntervalLocal TimeUTC
United States - West10ay, 10az, us-west-2b

1st monthly weekend

3rd monthly weekend

Saturday, 08:00 - 14:00 PST

Saturday, 16:00 – 22:00
United States - Eastprod-us-east-a, prod-us-east-b, us-east-1

1st monthly weekend

3rd monthly weekend

Sunday, 11:00 - 17:00 EST

Sunday, 16:00 – 22:00
Europe - Westdub01, eu-west-1a, prod-uk-a

1st monthly weekend

3rd monthly weekend

Saturday, 02:00 - 08:00 CET

Saturday, 01:00 – 07:00
Canada - Quebecprod-ca-a

1st monthly weekend

3rd monthly weekend

Sunday, 11:00 - 17:00 ESTSunday, 16:00 – 22:00
Asia Pacific - Japanprod-apnortheast-a

1st monthly weekend

3rd monthly weekend

Sunday, 01:00 - 07:00 JST

Saturday, 16:00 – 22:00
Asia Pacific – Australiaprod-apsoutheast-a

1st monthly weekend

3rd monthly weekend

Sunday, 03:00 - 09:00 AEST

Saturday, 16:00 – 22:00

Note: Local maintenance windows use standard time. The local time may change +/- 1 hour seasonally during daylight savings.

Tableau Cloud quarterly releases

To ensure our products continue to help people use data to solve problems every day, Tableau is constantly innovating. We ship new features and functionality four times a year, once per quarter.

Release communication

Quarterly releases are communicated through in-product notifications to let you know when your site is scheduled to be upgraded, and then again once the upgrade is complete. Sites can be accessed during the upgrade, meaning that all features and functionality are available to users. There is no downtime associated with quarterly release upgrades.

Quarterly release schedule

Major releases are rolled out across Tableau Cloud’s worldwide infrastructure over several weeks before upgrading our on-premises software. Because our quarterly releases are rolled out worldwide in sequence, exact dates and times are not pre-announced. Instead, in-product notifications are there to inform users and administrators when releases are upcoming.

You will see an in-product notification approximately two weeks before your site is scheduled to upgrade.

Learn about new features

For more information about the new features on your site, see Coming Soon(Link opens in a new window). The Coming Soon page offers information about upcoming and in-progress Tableau releases. As a Tableau Cloud customer, you may already have access to the features listed on this page. Broader website updates happen once customers across all of our products can upgrade and take advantage of the new features.

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