Bring your views from Tableau Cloud right to your Salesforce ecosystem by publishing views to a CRM Analytics app or Salesforce Lightning page.

Tip: Publishing to Salesforce is available exclusively to customers participating in a limited preview.


  1. You must have an Explorer (can publish) role.
  2. An administrator must update the Integrations site settings to allow users to publish views to Salesforce.

Publish a view to Salesforce

Select one or more views, including dashboards, sheets and stories. Then, choose a destination from a list of CRM Analytics apps to which you have access to edit or manage.

  1. Select the view that you want to publish to Salesforce.
  2. Note: You can select a maximum of 25 views at a time to publish to Salesforce.

  3. For Actions, select Publish to Salesforce.
  4. Select the Salesforce credentials that you want to use for publishing.
  5. Select the destination app that you want to publish to. You can only see apps that you can edit or manage with the signed-in Salesforce user.

  6. Publish to Salesforce dialog showing the list of apps that you can choose from.
  7. Click Publish.

Connected app session timeout

By default, the timeout value for the connected app is 1 hour. If you want to publish views to Salesforce after your initial session expires, you must re-authenticate.

You can choose to extend the timeout value for your connected apps to a maximum of 24 hours.

  1. First, update the session policy Timeout Value for the connected app. For instructions, see Manage Session Policies for a Connected App.
  2. Then, configure the session security timeout settings. Update the Timeout Value to match the value that you entered for the connected app session policy. For instructions, see the Configure Session Timeout Settings section of Modify Session Security Settings.

Who can see the published view in Salesforce?

When you publish a view to Salesforce, anyone with access to the selected CRM Analytics app or Lightning page can see that the content exists. However, only those signed in with existing Tableau permissions can see the view.

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